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Missions Committee's Objectives

  • Challenge TMC to be a Great Commission Church;
  • Equip the Khmers through discipleship;
  • Challenge the Khmers to step up and step out to serve the church and community.

With the Great Commission given to us by Jesus Christ and the vision of our founding father, John Wesley, the Missions Committee seeks to encourage and empower the Church to go and make disciples of all nations through the power of the Holy Spirit.

To encourage, the Missions Committee will publicise missions work in the Church, and provide education and understanding on what missions is about and the skills and mindsets needed in the mission field.

The Missions Committee is committed to empowering the Church for missions work through providing the necessary training.

Missions work cannot be done by the Missions Committee members themselves but, instead, involves the Church, its members and friends partnering the Missions Committee in the mandate that Christ gave the Church.

The Missions Committee will plan for Church who are willing to partner the ministry, and for those who are willing to serve full-time, to go on short-term mission trips with the necessary support.

The Missions Committee will look into the possible countries or unreached people-groups that the Church can adopt and reach in order to make disciples of all nations. We will also nurture them in the Word accordingly to become fellow disciples of Christ.

The lives of those whom the Church is reaching can only be transformed by God Himself by the power of the Holy Spirit. Hence, the Missions Committee encourages the Church to pray regularly for the work of missions all over the world.


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