BLESS Someone this Lunar New Year

Show them that they can see the love of Jesus through your genuine friendship.

Our focus is to engage intentionally in relationships.

No pressure to “evangelise”.

Just BLESS someone.

B - Begin in prayer
L - Listen to their joys and concerns
E - Eat and fellowship with them
S - Serve and be their present help in times of need
S - Share Lunar New Year joy and what it means to you

This blessing can take place anywhere and anytime over this Lunar New Year season: over reunion dinner, office lo-hei gathering, afternoon tea, lunch with a colleague, supper after a gym workout.

Pick up cards from the Witness & Evangelism booth in the Plaza on Sundays. Here is the content of the cards...


Lo-Hei! The Christian Way

Lo-Hei (Cantonese dialect meaning “to raise”) is the toss of salad items popularly practised by the Chinese in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia during the Lunar New Year.

Chinese Christians can join in the lo-hei and observe it in a way that puts emphasis on remembering God’s promise to love and care for us throughout the year, and focus on His desire to bless others through us as we live in community

Download the leader's guide from the links below to guide you in conducting the lo-hei in a Christian way. End with a prayer which your guests can participate in. You can also pick up the guide in church on Sundays.

Leader's Guide in English
Prayer Card for Guests in English
Leader's Guide in Chinese
Prayer Card for Guests in Chinese



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